For anyone that knows me they know I like to stay or show I’m positive and not share to many emotions. It’s not because I’m scared or embarrassed to show my weaker side but more for how I am as a person. If you break you break there’s no coming back we’re as if you fight you keep fighting till you win.
Don’t get me wrong everyone has there ups and there downs their good days and there bad days. For a lot of teenagers my age these would be caused by petty things such as their hair not going right or not being able to find the right outfit. Relationship issues or things just not going their own way. 
For afew of us though these moods are caused by life and death situations. Things that are going to completely flip your life upside down and half the time we can’t stop that. Being chronically ill you don’t know if your coming or your going. What’s going to happy within the next hour, one you maybe fine the next you could be lying on a hospital bed needing emergency treatment. Literally. These things arnt as simple as having a row with your partner or being able to take the outfit off and change it to many times that you give up and stay in.

But something I have noticed a lot is ‘normal’ teenagers take everything for granted. Half the time they don’t even realise things such as taking a breath of air or drinking a drink when their thirsty are things some people can’t do. When people think of taking things for granted they think of people who have a lot of money constantly splashing out on expensive things or not respecting the things they have. When in reality EVERYONE takes something for granted and half the time they don’t even realise.
Again normal teenagers go out everyday. It may not be to where they want to go maybe to college, work, school or even to do chores. Half the time though there making their own plans, meeting friends and going out doing what they wish to do and having the independence and freedom to do so.
Us few teenagers that are chronically ill have a hard time to even leave the house to go to the local shop in a wheelchair our parents are pushing. But even though it’s a massive struggle, we’ve lost our independence and freedom to do so ourselves we take that piece of fresh air in our stride and we love that little stroll we get. That is our new freedom. To many teenagers it would seem the worst idea possible to but to us it’s something that makes us happy, makes us smile and we do feel great for that little time in the fresh air. 
Everyday I try to stay positive esspecially with I talk and what I talk about. Constantly joking and laughing around because what else is their to be. I’ve been stuck in the hospital more of this year then I’ve had at home and everyone asks me how I’m still smiling. I’m smiling because everyday you have to find something to smile about even if you have been told devastating life changing news. To be honest I find a way to make a joke or completely flip the news around and make something funny out of it even if you have been crushed inside. 
Everyday I tell myself and others to make the best out of bad situations. Currently I’m stuck in hospital going to be put on TPN (nutrience through the vein). I don’t want it but I have to have it there’s no choice about that so why make a downer of it and find a positive to everyday.

(Great ormond street waiting to go into therapy)

It doesn’t matter what your day brings or what happens just remember to smile laugh and be happy even if it’s just a few minutes a day and it makes a big difference. Not just to you, but everyone around you! 

(Making fun with my cousin)