I take over 30 tablets a day for all different things. This is after coming off a lot of other meds but we have come to the least we can right now which still leaves me with a crazy amount of drugs left. 
The medication cocktails I take at least 4 times a day are to help with a lot of my symptoms. When I say ‘help’ this doesn’t mean it cures my symptoms for the few hours till I take the next dose. It doesn’t mean those symptoms have gone but I does mean them symptoms are slightly more controlled. 

The symptoms will never be gone but I am thankful for when the medications work there best and give me abit of relief even if it is just for half an hour before the symptoms start to get overwhelming again.

So here comes this list of medication I’m on: 

This is to help with neuropathic pain. This basically means that it helps with pain from nerve signals. It’s a drug that has to work into your system and you have to take continuously to get the full benefit of the drug. This also means you have a wean off of it as you can get withdrawal symptoms from it.

This medication is also used to treat epilepsy. It just shows how versatile medications are in treating many things and aren’t directed at just one thing. 


This is a medication that I take once at night to help my body relax and help with pain. It is also to help make my body relax enough to allow me get some sleep. They use this a lot for people who suffer with chronic pain and insomnia due to pain and the body constantly being stimulated by the pain which leads you to not being able to sleep

Tramadol is a strong medication under the same family as morphine. I take this 4 times a day at the maximum dosage. This is to help with the constant pain I have daily. It doesn’t take away the pain but will ease it for afew hours if I’m lucky.

I take paracetamol as it is a painkiller. It doesn’t do a lot for me on it’s own but if I take it with other of my meds it has been proven to work well in combination.

This is to help with my acid reflux. It also works as a lining to the stomach to prevent ulcers accruing from the extra acid my body produces.

This drug isn’t used very often and is mainly used in patients over 70 who are in heart failure. I take this medication to control my POTS and ISTS. It bassically helps to keep my heart rate at a more tolerable level. This mean that I won’t get as dizzy or faint as often due to having a really high heart rate which increases to dangerous levels on simple movements.
Folic acid

My folate levels are always low in my blood when I’m not on folic acid. When the folate level is low it leads to anemia. So this just keeps the folate level in my blood in the normal range which gives me a less chance of becoming anemic.


Ranitidine is used to help lessen the amount of acid your stomach makes. I take this as my stomach can not pass through stomach acid normally through my gi track leaving me being sick on stomach acid. This bassically just means my body won’t make as much acid so I shouldn’t be as sick as often.

This is used for people who suffer from constipation. It helps with the mortality rate in your stomachs, intestines and bowel process everything through. This then improves constipation. I take this as I have intestinal failure. 


This is an anti emetic drug which is bassically a strong drug to help with vomiting and nausea. 


This is also used to help vomiting and nausea. When cyclizine and ondansteron are used together they create a strong bond in which helps to give a bigger relief.

I take this to help with my bladder and weeing. It bassically helps with stopping me going back into retention and needing a catheter. This medication is also used to help lower blood pressure which isn’t good for me because I have low blood pressure already due to my heart condition. This is just one circumstance to show the contra-indications there are when taking so many medications for a lot of things.

Capsaicin cream
This is a cream in which has certain ingredients to help with pain. It is ment to numb the area you place it like local anastetic. This would mean that you can put it anywhere you have pain and it will help with decreasing the strength of the pain your suffering at that time

Fentanyl patch

I’m on a high dose of fentanyl patches. I wear two patches. They are bassically morphine patches which are absorbed through the skin. I change the patches every 3 days at the same time each day. It’s just another form of medication to give relief when you can’t get enough from oral medications.

Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) 

My TPN is also a medication even though it is bassically my food. It has every single thing my body needs measured out to me to keep me at the right levels and getting the exact right nutrience my body needs. This is taken intervenously (IV) which means through the vein. I take this through my Hickman line which is a central venous catheter which goes into the top of the heart.

Interveonus fluids (IV fluids)

I have to have daily IV fluids to keep my fluid levels up from stopping me getting dehydrated. It also helps with bringing my blood pressure up.

I have an issue with absorption so I don’t always get the full benefits of my medications that is why I’m still left in a lot of pain and nausea and sickness. This is due to my gastroparesis and intestinal failure not being able to absorb the drugs i take. I take all my medication through my NJ tube as it goes into my intestines and my meds work abit better going through this tube compared to through my mouth. Also when I take my medications orally because there are so many they actually heighten my symptoms and cause more pain nausea and vomiting especially as I don’t absorb hardly anything through my stomach so get no effect at all from them.