Mental health is a big thing, a real server invisible illness. It’s nothing to be a shame of or feel guilty about but as I know myself in such a low state of mind nothing’s good, everything’s not good and your an embarrassment to yourself. I’ve suffered from mental health issues for as long as I can remember and first saw a physcologist at the age of 10. 

For as long as I’ve had mental health issues I’ve always tried to describe what it is and it’s impossible all I can all I can say is there’s a demon inside my head. This ‘demon’ controls you it takes over you and completely changes you, how you act, your personality and everything about you. I’ve done things in my life that I myself would never think or ever want to do but because of this ‘demon’ I have. I’ve hurt people (not physically but by what was happening to me) I self harmed and even gone to the extent of trying to end my life. Afew times. 
Mental health isn’t a joke and neither are you. Your a person it’s not your fault and your not making it up or doing it on purpose . One thing I would say though is talk about it. Find someone you can trust and can speak to. It does help and it’s not good hiding it inside. Even though it does seem easier sometimes the longer you leave it the more deep it grasps into you. 
If I could go back many years ago I would of deffinatly have said what was actually wrong instead of hiding it with ‘I’m ok’ and a smile:)

Child and adolescent mental health services really need to be improved and get more funding then they do. A lot of young people suffer severely with mental health but yet they don’t get the same treatment. It’s a very limited service with long waiting lists which is sometimes to late. Please there are many other people who will listen. There is CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health service) but also so many people in the community such as your GP or even people at school such as your teachers or the school nurse and alit of schools now have there own councillors.   

Please reach out for help and except the help you need! 

Symptoms of a mental health issue include:
•feeling sad or down

•reduced concentration or ability to think straight

•suicidal thoughts 

•loss of social interest

•wanting to be alone or hiding away

•loss of appetite 

•increased worry or anxiety 

•excessive fatigue or inability to sleep

•dramatic changes with in moods

•alcohol or drug abuse

•inability to cope with daily life or stress

•attachment disorder or unable to relate to anything

•increase in aggression and violence

•decreased sex drive