Feeding tubes
There are many types of feeding tubes Nasel gastric tube (NG), Nasel Jejunal tube (NJ), G-tube (gastric tube through abdominal wall), Nasil duodenal tube (ND), J-tube (jejenum tube through abdominal wall), GJ- tube ( gastric jejunal tube), picc line, Hickman line to administer Total parental nutrition (TPN).

NG tubes go through the nose down the esophogus into the stomach.

NJ tubes go through the nose down the esophogus through the stomach and into the second part of the intestines the jejunum  

ND tubes go through the nose down the esophogus through the stomach and into the first part of the intestines the duodenum.

Ng and Nj

Surgically placed tubes are a lot better the Nasel tubes as there Is a lot less chance of them moving from where there ment to be. This is a big issue with nj tubes as they can be brought up into the stomach when people vomit or so and this makes them out of placed and unstable.

There more perminant and discrete as they are on the abdomen under clothing. 
G-tube is a surgically placed tube which goes through the abdominal wall into the stomach

J-tube is a surgically placed tube which goes through the abdominal wall into the jejeunum ( second part of intestines)

GJ- tube is a surgically placed tube through the abdominal wall which has one tube going into the stomach and one tube going down through into the jejunum (second part of intestines) 

current Gtube going to be turned into GJ tube

All the tubes listed above are enteral tubes. They can provide nutrition, medication, fluids, drainage etc

Picc line and Hickman lines are both central lines. These can only be used for intravenous (iv) medication, fluids, nutrition etc.

PICC Line…………..Hickman Line
I’ve had NJ tube, NG tube, G tube , GJtube , picc line and Hickman line.

NJ tube(white), NG tube( yellow), PICC Line (in arm), Hickman Line in chest

My NJ tube was used for nutrition which I had enteral feed running 20hrs a day. I also got all my medication and fluids down it.

NJ tube

NG tube was used for gastric (stomach) drainage to take everything out my stomach and prevent vomiting.

NG tube

G tube as a permanent tube for gastric drainage

And currently having my Gtube turned into a GJ tube. 

GJ tube will be used for drainage and the j part for medication and hopefully start enteral feeds again.
With any enteral tube esspecially tubes through the abdominal wall there’s a risk of infection. This is because there is an open stomach (open hole) through the abdominal wall into the digestive track so it has to be cleaned throughly everyday to reduce infection risk

Infected. GJ tube

Picc line and Hickman lines have also been used for nutrition and fluids (and medication in hospital) this means my body relies on IV nutrition and fluids and my whole digestive system has shut down. I’m on TPN which Is total parenteral nutrition. And also hartmans sodium chloride fluids. I’m lucky enough to have been fought how to administer iv things and put up all my TPN and fluids myself and am able to have it at home. I run my TPN over 14 hours over night and also fluids for 6 hours through the day. There’s a high risk with this esspecially the central lines and infection. You have to use full aseptic procedure to prevent the infections.

TPN, Fluids, PICC Line placement, Hickman

Many people of all ages have tubes. They are used for many reasons for example faliure to thrive, chronic conditions such as crohns, ulcerative colitis, gastroparesis etc. Also conditions such as cystic fibrosis where they may need extra calories through a feeding tube. This is listing a very small amount of conditions that may need feeding tubes and not everyone with these conditions need feeding tubes either. 

Other times people need feeding tubes is after surgery, sometimes the elderly when they don’t eat enough, and people with eating disorders.

People don’t want feeding tubes, but need to then keep there bodies functioning. Tubes esspecially Nasel tubes are painful, uncomfortable and can be annoying and unattractive to others. However most people with the tubes learn to except them as they need them to keep there body’s going. Feeding tubes save lives and a lot of us won’t survive without them and orturnative nutrition.